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In the Pink 2013 by Karyn Lindner

In the Pink  2013

NWOP  2014 Karyn Lindner Artist Statement


I investigate the use of watercolour as an equivalent to the blur in painting.


Academic and writer Rosemary Hawker has written about Gerhard Richter’s use of the blur in his paintings,  “… this blurring shows nothing yet at the same time it generates a play between what is visible and what cannot be shown…”. [1]


 My Theme is Representation


How are mothers and related subjects, represented by the media, and by history? Depicted are a variety of people whose actions have helped shape our opinions around mothering.  We are ‘haunted’ by them.


My Ideas about In the Pink, 2013-2014


The title refers to the phrase “In the Pink”, meaning in perfect condition. We usually associate it with good health, but in earlier times it was used to express excellence. Pink is the stereotypical colour that ‘screams’ female, but it is also the colour of human scars, the underside of our hands and feet and our ‘insides.’



[1] Rosemary Hawker, "Blur: Gerhard Richter and the Photographic in Painting", University of QLD http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:158803. Accessed 12 October, 2010.